ETM direction FY0910 meeting

ETM was taking an initiative today by execute a meeting for next financial year planning. 3 main agendas has been raised during this meeting/discussion.

1. 5S transformation
2. ETM ideas and planning
3. Farewell of Maintenance Planner

Meeting was chaired by Tay Lee Peng, our Civil Engineer.

As our tradition, all meeting must have a sharing and today we have a useful sharing presented by Mohd Zaifullah bin Abdul Razak which was a 'Using a used bottle to produce a mosquito preventer'.

Here is the tips for this session. Item required as follows:
1. Used bottle (doesn't matter it is big or small bottle)
2. Brown sugar
3. Hot water
4. Yeast
5. Black paper or plastic

1. Cut the bottle into 2 pieces (upper and above)
2. Add hot water into above cut
3. Add brown sugar, stir it
4. Wait until cold
5. Put a bit yeast to produce carbon dioxide (to attract the mosquito)
6. Put an upper cut into the above cut upside down
7. Cover it with black paper or plastic
8. Put at a desired location

For detail, look at this clip.

After sharing, first agenda started. 5S transformation has been presented by Mohd Zaifullah bin Abdul Razak. This agenda was about to recap the last activities done by ETM and launching a new organization chart for year 2009/10. Here is the montage.

Second agenda was lead by Tay Lee Peng. All staff were given the opportunity to forward any ideas to improve the ETM section. After about an hour, there were 25 ideas came-out on the list:
1. Tabung maintenance
2. Maintenance pantry
3. Maintenance outdoor activity such as sports, SUKBOM maintenance, team building
4. Kotak Cadangan
5. Maintenance monthly meeting
6. Equipment adoption program
7. Safety observation groups
9. Turnaround/Shutdown outside ET
10. CIMAH planning program
11. Lawatan ke plant
12. Award system - team sharing, classes
13. Best performance in ETM
14. PECAS day
15. Clean-up ramp - access for forklift, shed and spare part
16. Tools
17. Special project team for ET and KSMF
18. Review vehicle/equipment checklist
19. T806 motor spare
20. T807/808 forklist entrance
21. Loading arm toolbox
22. Area/space for instrument
23. Review ISO audit schedule
24. REM file-up, problem solving
25. CACS pass

All the ideas will be discuss thoroughly later due to time constrain.

Last agenda, Since Amriel will be transfered to GPPA starting by 1 April 2009, the farewell party will be held in the nearest date. Sharifah Mazliana will be a new maintenance planner to replace his sit.

Meeting end at 5.00 p.m.

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Pictures of main seal replacement at loading arm trunion

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